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Faces and smiles come in all shapes and sizes, so orthodontic treatment in our office is tailor-made to address the specific concerns of our patients while achieving the most ideal result possible. We want orthodontic treatment to result in a smile that will last a lifetime, so we take our time to carefully diagnose and plan each patient’s case.

Our approach begins with a new patient consult, where we take a complimentary panoramic x-ray and perform a detailed examination of the teeth, supportive tissues, and the bite relationship. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Moopen routinely illustrate their findings to the patient, and in the case of children, our office is designed so that parents are part of the process at every step. After the initial findings are recorded, the doctors will let you know their initial thoughts regarding whether treatment is needed, timing, and how long orthodontic treatment will last.

Orthodontic Records - Anderson & Moopen OrthodonticsThe next step is taking orthodontic records. Our office takes a full set of intraoral photographs, stone models of teeth, and a cephalometric x-ray to determine the skeletal basis of the jaw relationship. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Moopen carefully review all the records and customize each patient’s treatment plan based off of their findings at the examination and the information gained from the records. Although you may think that all braces are the same, our office uses braces that are individualized for each tooth so the doctors can adjust every variable possible to allow for the best results. After the doctors have finalized the treatment plan, we review the treatment plan and goals with the patient before treatment starts, so that there are no surprises along the way.

Once treatment begins, our office is set up so that each patient sees a doctor at every visit, and the doctor determines what is to be performed at that appointment and what the plan is for each subsequent visit. Communication is vital to our office and you will know how treatment is progressing for you or your child at each appointment. Parents are welcome in our operatory so that we can discuss any aspect of treatment, especially cooperation with hygiene and elastics.

Taken as a whole, we are proud of our methodical approach to orthodontic treatment and have used Dr. Anderson and Dr. Moopen’s combined 45 years of experience to provide spectacular smiles to all of Central Florida.

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