Preventing Problems

Questions concerning what to eat or not eat, what to do or not do while wearing braces are always wise to ask. For instance, eating too much sugar can cause plaque which in turn leads to high levels of acid. High acidity will then lead to swollen gums, white spots and decay. Drinking soda while you have braces may also cause permanent damage to your teeth.

Below are several examples that will answer many of the most common questions. If you are still unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to call our office at any time.

Biting Ice

Biting ice will loosen your brackets and may also cause worse damage directly to your teeth.
Cause and Effect: Biting Ice

Chewing Pencils or Pens

Chewing on pencils will bend your arch wire and/or also loosen your brackets.
Cause and Effect: Chewing Pencils or Pens

Chewing Carmel

Chewing on carmel will loosen your bands.
Cause and Effect: Chewing Carmels

Biting Whole Apples

Biting whole apples will displace your brackets.
Cause and Effect: Biting Whole Apples

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