Orlando Graduating Seniors, Ask About Our College Scholarship!

We know our patients are working harder these days to pave their way to higher education. Academic achievements that used to be reserved for honors programs are now the minimum standard for acceptance into state schools. On top of that, college education costs continue to climb, even when the economy is in poor shape. That’s why a few years back, we established $1,000 college scholarships for graduating seniors in the Orlando, Florida, area. Award recipients are selected based on an application process that also includes an essay.

We Offer Three Scholarships

Since we have a large number of patients who attend both Boone High School and Lake Nona High School, we provide one scholarship for each school. For convenience, we’ve worked with school administrators to provide application forms on both campuses. Because we also serve students from other high schools and private schools around Central Florida, we offer a third scholarship with the same application form, which students can pick up at our offices.

Scholarships will be presented at the end-of-year Senior Awards Ceremonies at each recipient’s school.

What We’re Looking For On Applications

While high academic achievements are important, we also consider contributions to the community (i.e. volunteer work, after-school jobs, etc).

We’re proud to be one of the only orthodontic offices in the country to offer a program like this and we’re looking forward to reading all of the applications.

Best of luck to all applicants! And don’t worry – even though Dr. Moopen is a Gator alum, there won’t be any bias against students going elsewhere (even FSU or Georgia)!

Please check our application on our home page for the current deadline.